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The Demi-entendre site is brought to you by David A. Black and Barbara A. Black, a son and mother team of word-play devotees who started noticing these usages several years ago and applied the term "demi-entendre" to them. The site is maintained by David. We get the demi-entendres from each other, relatives, friends... whoever wants to contribute one!

Demi-entendre news!

The common demi-entendre "step foot" into a room (step plus set foot) was just heard in the 1942 movie "This Time For Keeps". Interesting to find how long some of these have been around.

The Beavercreek, OH, City School District has included the term demi-entendre in its list of Rhetorical, Literary, and Grammatical Terms for high-school students, including an example and quotation from this site! (The quotation is from an old version of the site, but it's still us.) Check out #49 on the chart!